AMD Speaker with Gigabyte Marketing and Davao Tech Bloggers the AMD Ryzen Event

AMD Ryzen Product Update

AMD Ryzen Product Update

AMD Ryzen product update in Davao City was held at the Royal Mandaya Hotel. AMD gathered retailers, pc enthusiasts, gaming group and local tech bloggers to their product update, as they introduce AMD Ryzen 7 series processors.


AMD Ryzen Event registration

The Royal Mandaya Hotel Management of Information Systems at the AMD Ryzen Event

Black Lambs at the AMD Ryzen Event 2
AMD Ryzen Event attendees

AMD has generated a huge buzz in the computer community and industry when they announced the arrival of Ryzen. Promising better performance, lower TDP and competitive price as compared to their Intel counterpart.

The event had displays from AMD, MSI and Gigabyte. MSI and Gigabyte shared their motherboard lineup for the AMD AM4 Socket that will support the new Ryzen processors. MSI had a virtual reality setup on-site for attendees to test out and experience.

AMD shared how the new Ryzen processors have the edge over the Intel processors by showing charts and review videos to show the differences. AMD clearly has more cores and threads, thus declaring that octa-core is the new quad-core. Demo videos showing how Ryzen processors help and improve in-game video streaming in 1080p resolution and 60fps while sharing content over OBS. The multi-core feature of Ryzen is clearly targeted to cpu intensive applications thus making your game streaming smoother and avoids your audience from losing information.

The event was clearly well-organized, AMD, MSI and Gigabyte sharing the audience in one event to promote all their AMD AM4 products. The attendees were treated to a very good meal and great fun with the event games and raffle prizes.

AMD Ryzen Event product display

MSI product display at AMD Ryzen Event

AMD Ryzen Event host chillin before the event proper

AMD Ryzen Event product display

AMD Ryzen Event Attendee trying the VR experience with MSI

AMD Ryzen Event AMD backpack winners
AMD Ryzen Event winners of Gigabyte gift bags

AMD Ryzen Event raffle winners

Gamer Girl Mai of Black Lambs with MSI Dragon at the AMD Ryzen Event
AMD Ryzen Event feasting on good food

Local tech bloggers from Dugompinoy, Davao Geek Hub and DigitalDavao were all at the event to get first dibs on AMD’s product update.

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