Davao Bloggers Society at the Blogadia eCommerce and Entrepreneur Summit

BlogAdia: eCommerce and Entrepreneur Summit

Yesterday, January 28th, BlogADia held the eCommerce and Entrepreneurs’ Summit at the Home Crest Hotel in Davao City. Speakers about eCommerce and some entrepreneurs’ gathered to share their story in their quest for success.

Davao Bloggers Society was humbly invited to grace the summit not only to write about what took place but also to absorb, learn and be inspired about the how these simple people turned their simple ideas into a great reality. DigitalDavao is a member of Davao Bloggers Society.

The summit was scheduled as a whole day affair and started-off with the registration of guests and participants. Everyone was given their name tags, programme, advertisers’ product brochure and bingo card for the event raffle.

The following is the great lineup of speakers for the summit:

  • Janette Toral (DigitalFilipino) – State of eCommerce in the Philippines
  • Abigail Lim (Alfox Printing Services) / Mark Wales (Papapel) – Importance of Product Packaging for Online Sellers
  • Christopher Guarin (PhilYES) – B2B eCommerce for MSMEs – Getting Buyers Online
  • Achilles Reyes (CheckMeOut) – Building a Nationwide eCommerce Logistics and Last Mile Delivery Network
  • Edrian Bautista (BlogADia) – Bloggers as Online Buying Influencers
  • Genesis Reonico (OnlineJobsUniversity) – State of Freelancing in the Philippines
  • Mannix Pabalan (Hashtag Digital) and Jun Baranggan (PTB Digital Hub) – Advance eCommerce Marketing Strategies
  • Tom Claudio (ETours Davao) – MSME eCommerce Experience Sharing
  • Maria Celeste Noblefranca (LogEx) – Promoting Farm Products through eCommerce
  • Jana De Vera (Wealth Market) – Promoting Financial Literacy and Services Online
  • Karla Stefan Singson (Gifts Davao) – Online Selling

At the end of the summit, I personally learned and enjoyed a lot with the technical inputs of the speakers, inspired with the story about how they made their companies and I look forward to channel the information i acquired to continue building my own that is, DigitalDavao.

BlogADia is a marketplace for bloggers that lets you showcase your site’s worth so advertisers can easily match their products and services.

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