Cafe Canary Home of Brick Oven Pizza

Cafe Canary Home of Brick Oven Pizza

Cafe Canary Home of Brick Oven Pizza

Last Saturday, July 29th, DigitalDavao went to Cafe Canary Home of Brick Oven Pizza to try some of their best dishes. Cafe Canary is one of the newly opened restaurants along Juna Subdivision in Matina, Davao City.

Cafe Canary food on table flatlay

Cafe Canary Good Food

I tried their Nachos and Gambas to start my miryenda. Nachos was good, but I felt that I needed more of that ground meat and cheese, this could be just my personal preference as I am a LOVER of CHEESE. Gambas was great, shrimp was soft and moist, taste was rich. I love the Gambas. Go and try it!

Cafe Canary Nachos with Cucumber Juice & Iced Tea

Cafe Canary Nachos

Cafe Canary Gambas

Known as the “Home of Brick Oven Pizza”, made me very interested on how their pizzas taste. I had the chance of tasting three (3) of their best selling pizzas, namely: Salted egg and Chorizo Helipop, Ollie Sardines and¬†Firecracker Nacho Pizza.

I liked all three (3), but I am truly loving the taste of that Salted Egg and Chorizo Helipop. Strong taste from the sweetness of the Chorizo and salty grainy texture of Salted Egg makes me crave for more. I love PIZZA, I could’ve chosen all three (3) but there’s something on that Salted Egg and Chorizo which puts it on top.

Cafe Canary Salted Egg and Chorizo Pizza

Cafe Canary Ollie Sardines Pizza

I also had Baked Salmon Pasta Alfredo and Cajun Shrimp Pasta. Both were good choices, Cajun Shrimp Pasta had a generous amount of Shrimp while the Baked Salmon Pasta Alfredo had a slice of pink salmon cooked to perfection which was very savory and appealing to my taste buds.

In the end, good food is best consumed with a good bunch. Visit Cafe Canary with your friends, family and loved ones. They are open everyday from 10 am to 10 pm, you may also contact them thru mobile number +639060627070.

Gem of Kiss Your Cravings at Cafe Canary

Davao Bloggers at Cafe Canary

DBS at Cafe Canary


DigitalDavao with Davao Bloggers at Cafe Canary


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