Gigabyte Product Update for Mid-Year 2017

Gigabyte product update in Davao City, Philippines for 2017. Gigabyte Philippines gathered local store partners, media and tech bloggers to one simple yet festive product update. They have been known to bring their events to the people who promote and support their brand.

The event displayed the z270 and x299 Intel motherboards and a hint of future AMD Ryzen motherboard coming to the market. The z270 is the current Intel Chipset for Kaby Lake processors using Intel socket 1151 while the x299 is for Intel Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X Intel processors.

Gigabyte Product Update: Motherboard Line-Up

The new Aorus motherboards of Gigabyte boasts the capability of customizing the lighting effects of your motherboard, depending on the mood that you want to set you computer into. These are indeed Gigabyte’s top-of-the-line motherboards all available in Davao’s local market.

The event had fun games, food and new learning for all participants. Here are some snaps of the event proper:







Looking forward for the next Gigabyte event in Davao, I heard they’re brewing something for the local pc modders of the city. Stay tuned!

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