gigabyte aorus motherboard lineup

Gigabyte Product Update in Davao City

Gigabyte Product Update in Davao City

The Gigabyte product update in Davao City gathered local suppliers, patrons and media partners to witness the new lineup of motherboards for their Aorus product line. With their mission to “create the best gaming motherboard”, truly gigabyte has incorporated features that are truly benefiting to their users. Aorus is the new premium line motherboard which features beautiful appearance, performance enhancement, acoustic and fusion and bring all those features to make “the gamer win in every battle”.

Fast and precise as an eagle thus Gigabyte decides to name their premium motherboard line “Aorus”, derived from the term Horus in ancient Egypt.

gigabyte aorus demo unit

gigabyte giveaways

gigabyte product specialist hunter lee

Mr. Hunter Lee of Gigabyte Head Office was kind enough to provide DigitalDavao a brief introduction to the event.

The event was filled with new knowledge about the Aorus motherboards that will soon be available to the local market. Some activities were also prepared for the attendees to enjoy some product giveaways. A photo booth was also positioned outside the event room wherein attendees are allowed to have their photos with the brand ambassadors with some product signs and props.

gigabyte mini lego motherboard winners 2

gigabyte mini lego motherboard winners

gigabyte shirt winner

gigabyte b8 motherboard winner

beautiful gigabyte brand ambassadress

I took the opportunity to have a photo with Ms. Grace Pan and another with fellow Davao Tech bloggers Dugompinoy and Davao Geek Hub.

DigitalDavao with Gigabyte Grace Pan

davao tech bloggers with gigabyte ambassadress

Here’s my post about Gigabyte Product Launch in 2016.

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